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By capitalizing on cultural moments, Socials By Steph is able to cultivate and foster successful businesses with the click of a few buttons.

About Socials By Steph

Socials By Steph can create a beautiful logo and brand to encapsulate your business purpose and goals.

Web Development
Socials By Steph can bring your vision to life. Whether you need a small brochure site or a custom WordPress site, our brilliant developing processes have got you covered.

Content Strategy
Need help putting together content for your website or social media platforms? Socials By Steph can help. Steph is able to sit down with your team and act as a content strategist to help get your site on track.

Content Production
Socials By Steph can also help create content for your website and social media platforms. A key to successful online platforms is high traffic. To achieve high traffic on your digital platforms, businesses must have effective and efficient content.

Marketing and SEO
Any good site needs to be found. Socials By Steph can put together marketing campaigns to get you lots of new customers, and attract leads through search engine optimization.



I am entering into my fourth year of Brock University’s (Honours) Media and Communications Studies program with a Concentration in Digital Culture. Upon graduating from Brock in June of 2019, I aspire to pursue a degree in Public Relations, a Masters in Professional Communication, or both in conjunction.

I thrive in fast paced environments that require me to pay attention to detail, problem-solve and utilize my critical thinking skills. I actively seek opportunities to learn and network wherever possible. Whatever I end up doing, I understand that I have much to learn and am very open to advice and other external knowledge.

If you’d like to learn more about my experience, please visit my LinkedIn page which can be found here.