10 Make-Up Application Tips From The Pros (AKA Me)

  1. Moisturizer
    • There are two kinds of moisturizers — oil based and gel based. Depending on your skin type, the difference between the two can make all the difference between a dry dull face and an out-of-control oily mess.

  2. Primer
    • Primer should be applied in downward motions, never up. If you prefer to save pennies and shop at the drugstore, do yourself a favour and save those pennies to invest in a high-end primer.

  3. Liquid Foundation
    • The stars swear by brushes for easy application but I prefer a wet beauty blender. Reasons your make-up sponge or Beauty Blender should be wet? A wet sponge prevents your applicator from soaking up all of the product saving you time and money. A wet sponge also gives you an airbrushed finished no matter what level of coverage you are using. This rule also applies to concealers and setting powders.

  4. Concealer
    • Make-up brushes are the paint brushes, make-up is the paint and your face is the canvas. Similar to any form of art, it all depends on what message you are trying to convey. Are you trying to cover up a blemish? Make sure that your concealer is the same shade as your foundation. When you apply a concealer that is a shade lighter to a blemish, you are drawing the light to the blemish and highlighting the imperfection rather than masking it. However, if you are trying to lighten an unblemished area such as the under-eye, use a lighter shade of concealer to brighten the area.

  5. Setting Powder
    • I was going to try and make this post brand-name free but how does one discuss setting powders without mentioning Laura Mercier?! Depending on the coverage you’d like to achieve, the amount of time you set/bake your skin matters. I always prefer a glammed full coverage look even if its just going to the library (studious snapchats – duh). Therefore, I bake my skin for the same amount of time it takes me to do my brows. I apply the powder to the areas I highlighted with my lighter shade of concealer.
    • Blemish Tip: Apply a drop of concealer to the blemished area. Pat the product in with your finger and use a fluffy eyeshadow brush to apply setting powder over the same area. Leave the powder on for 5 minutes without adding more product to your skin. Once your time is up, brush the powder away with the same fluffy brush. Your blemish should be non-existent.

  6. Bronzer
    • Bronzer should only be applied in a “3” motion: the edge of the forehead, hollows of the cheek, edge of the jaw. Blend accordingly. You may be a self-proclaimed queen but no one likes to wear a bronzer crown.

  7. Contour
    • This is how you can separate the verified from the villainous. If contour is applied right, it should make that nose look naturally snatched. If contour is applied wrong, it’ll look like you went for a mud bath. Liquid contour should be applied before concealer and after foundation. Powder contour should be applied before your blush and after your bronzer.

  8. Blush
    • Blush should be applied as lightly as can be on only the apples of your cheek or else you’re going to look like Aunt Erma on Christmas. Can you say tomato face?

  9. Highlight
    • Go Bright or Go Home. Let the astronauts see you or don’t bother trying to glow at all. Fan brushes? If you’re a fan of James Charles, you’ll know fan brushes are A JOKE. It’s all about tapered brushes used lightly.
    • If you want a long-lasting glow, spray your brush with a setting spray or Mac Fix + before dipping your brush into the powder.
    • At times, highlight can emphasis imperfections such as the large pores of your nose as you highlight your bridge. Solution? Silly putty highlights are the new jeggings. The putty to powder application allows you to blur imperfections rather than highlight them. Accept the glow and ignore the grease.

  10. Setting Spray
    • Do you want to leave the bar and get home from the bar with the same face? SPRAY your face with setting spray! However, always apply setting spray BEFORE mascara. If you read this last trick and miss this critical application secret, you will be cursed with ~20 yeAr$ of bAd HaiR dayz~. No but seriously, if you apply mascara and spray your setting spray while the mascara is wet, your mascara WILL run.

Now go in peace, to love and serve the make-up gods.

Sincerely, Steph ♥︎.

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