Blog Versus Vlog

I’ve always wanted to create digital content. Whether it be tweets, blogs, YouTube videos or photographs, I wanted to be able to showcase my digital skills on a shareable platform to enhance my portfolio for future employers – but also to have some fun myself.

However, I’ve always been scared to receive hate or criticism – especially for the way I look. I guess you can say that this blog is a stepping stone to what I hope will be a future in YouTube videos. But before that, I have to find confidence in the content that I can produce. I know I am a creative being with a wicked sense of humour (right?) and I try my best to translate that over these blogs. I feel that it is easier to display humour through videos.

In the meantime, I’m going to continue growing my confidence by writing these posts hoping someone out there is reading them. #sappyblog

Sincerely, Steph ♥︎



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