How To Nail Your Interview: Millennial Style

Today’s blog post is short, sweet and self-explanatory. As obvious as these tips and tricks are to millennials, they often need to be repeated.

– Dress to impress

Their brand logo is red? How about sporting a red shirt? Embrace the brand.

– Arrive early

Arriving on time means you’re 5 minutes late.

– Do your research

Impress your interviewers by showing that you prepared and learned about the company’s culture.

– Keyword frenzy

Interview questions are dull and boring. It is your job to ensure that your answers aren’t as dull and boring. Make sure to use the words they want to hear while staying true to your experience.

– Use your knowledge of technology to your advantage

Privatize your social media before the interview to hide your riské content.

– Firm handshake, big smile

My father once said, “never shake a man’s hand while sitting down.”

– Send a follow up, thank you e-mail once your interview has commenced

Proofread over and over before you press send.

– Be your cheeky millennial self

Employable skills are key but personal skills are more important. For full-time positions, the hiring manager is looking to hire someone who they’ll most likely see more often than their extended family. They want to hire someone that they wouldn’t mind seeing daily or engaging in small chat with during the elevator rides. If you don’t let your personality shine through, you will most likely be less memorable and less successful in finding a job.

Remember these tips and tricks before your next interview and keep your cell phone on loud for the next two weeks. You’ll be getting that acceptance call anytime soon.

Sincerely, Steph ♥︎

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