On-Time Means 5 Minutes Early

All my life, I grew up with clocks that were set 5 minutes fast. The quick trick taught me that punctuality is important and says a lot about a person. Whether it be extracurricular activities or on our way to a family event, we were always on time and even early. I learned from a very young age that on-time meant 5 minutes early. I constantly wonder if other people were taught the same or if other people think about punctuality as much as I do?

Today’s blog post might be more of a rant but since moving to university, I’ve really learned that not everyone grows up with the same life lessons. I’ve met a whole bunch of walks of life here – some independent as can be while others still need a kindergarten teacher holding their hand.

Recently, I went for a group interview where one of the interview candidates showed up 20 minutes late. When she arrived, the interviewers did not pass judgment. Instead, they filled her in on what she had missed and they carried on with the interview. It seemed like she was getting a fair shot. However, I kept thinking about how does one show up that late to an interview?

Personally, if I knew I was that late, I don’t think I’d even show up. I understand that accidents happen and you can’t always be punctual.

To each their own.

Sincerely, Steph ♥︎

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