Wait? Influenster? What’s That?

If you read my last post, you probably thought to yourself two things:

  1. Wow, how can I be as cool and influential as Steph? (sarcasm, duh!)
  2. Wait? Influenster? What’s that?

I probably should have introduced you to Influenster earlier in my blog as it’ll be a reoccurring topic on my blog.

Influenster is a website/application “built around a product discovery community.” Users can “read honest reviews from people like you and join millions of knowledgeable, engaged, members.”

Influenster claims to have over 25 million honest product reviews, over 6 million helpful Q&A’s about products and over 4 million members have already signed up.

You may ask, what can I do on Influenster?

You can:

  • Browse Reviews & Deals
    • Need a second opinion before you buy? Read millions of reviews and gain access to our exclusive deals.
  • Ask the Community
    • With over 4 million members standing by, advice is quick and plentiful. Stay on top of the latest trends through word of mouth and videos!
  • Test Free Products!!!
    • Influenster ships out thousands of exclusive VoxBoxes every month from brands you know and love (or will soon love) for FREE.

(Information cited from Influenster‘s About Page.)

So what do you have to lose? Sign up now using my sharable link and start receiving free products today!

Click HERE: https://www.influenster.com/r/3636566 to become an influential Influenster!

Sincerely, Steph ♥︎


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