About Me

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Hello – It is I, Stephanie *fangirling that someone is reading this right now*

I am currently entering my third year of Brock University’s Media and Communications Studies program. Upon graduating from Brock in June of 2019, I aspire to pursue a degree in Public Relations, a Masters in Business, or both in conjunction. I thrive in fast paced environments that require me to pay attention to detail, problem-solve and utilize my critical thinking skills. I actively seek opportunities to learn and network wherever possible. Whatever I end up doing, I understand that I have much to learn and am very open to advice and other external knowledge.

I like dogs over cats, tea over coffee, sunsets over sunrises, and drive-ins over theatres. I am a fan of all things popular culture and in a past life, I could have sworn that I was Kris Jenner.

The woman I aspire to become is somewhere between Bethany Frankel, Heather Dubrow, Miranda Priestly, Anna Wintour, Donatella Versace and of course, the one and only, Kim Kardashian.

Want to find out more? Check out my blog weekly for new posts regarding the inner thoughts of my day to day life.

Sincerely, Steph ♥︎